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We design and manufacture Expansion Bellows that are high-quality, and customized as per plant & project requirements of the client.

Belman Group was founded in 1994. We have built a strong technical capacity and industry-specific expertise throughout this period, enabling us to handle complex and demanding projects (incl. FCCU) from leading clients around the world. We are experts in expansion joints, thereby specializing in providing extensive technical support to our clients worldwide.

Belman Expansion Bellows are manufactured at the headquarter in Denmark and our other manufacturing facilities in United Kingdom & India. Besides the headquarter in Denmark, we also own sales and manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and India. Moreover, we have non-manufacturing operations in Norway and Russia. For more information on Belman partners, distributors and offices globally, please contact us.

The investment in continuous development is a major reason for our success. We are establishing our touchpoints in different markets across the globe and become strong as a group of companies. We have become a recognized global supplier for many different leading clients worldwide due to our commitment towards providing engineered expansion joint solutions that create satisfied customers.

Belman flexibles india

Belman Flexible India is the Belman Group’s new member added to the branch network in 2020 because we value staying closer to our customers in Asia. Our Indian facility in Raipur, brings a cutting-edge technology manufacturing facility and a sales office that makes us closer to our valued customers in Asia. Thereby, we can manufacture High-tech Expansion Joints by combining our technical capacity as an international company and the local expertise of our Indian counterparts that know the local market best.

We at Belman Flexibles India are thriving to bring the Indian expansion joint industry to its next level by adding values to its traditional ecosystem. It is our ambition to become the end-to-end ecosystem of fabric and metal expansion joint production in India and make our footprint in the market as the offshore design & production arm of our headquarter in Denmark.

Projects by Belman Group
Сompleted projects by Belman Group
Installations by Belman Group
Installations by Belman Group
Customer Satisfaction Rate
Customer Satisfaction Rate

Belman Brand Promise

We as Belman Group committed to our Brand promise, no matter  the market that we are operating: 
  • Cost efficient expansion joint solutions
  • Reliable and suitable expansion joints for your needs (plant/project)
  • High product quality
  • Documentation
  • Short on-time delivery
  • Quick response to requests and questions
  • Expansion joint technology from Denmark and quality raw material usage
  • Competitive prices due to innovation and extensive knowhow from years of industrial experiences
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Belman Leadership

market experience & commitment


Tapas Biswas is the Belman Country Manager in India, a Mechanical Engineer with post-graduation in marketing management. He is a management professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry of Expansion Joints having both domestic and international market experiences.

We at Belman Flexibles India thrive to become an end-to-end ecosystem of fabric and metal expansion joint production. Our state-of-the-art design & production hub for fabric and metal expansion joints focuses on conceptualizing and customizing our clients’ project requirements. We believe that years of experience to understand the client requirements make a difference and create happy customers by adding value to their business goals. We at Belman Flexibles India are committed to bringing practical & reliable solutions as the ultimate quality product under the Belman brand promise. Belman Flexibles India value and care for long-term business relationships that we prioritize the customer, our internal stakeholders, and sustainability at every step of our business operations.

dedicated to deliver Trust


CEO Rolf Rasmussen was one of the co-founders back in 1994 and has been running the Belman Group ever since. His long-term commitment ensures the preservation of the core values, which were the basis for the company’s original foundation. Rolf is an active member of the sales and design team and understands Belman inside and out. He works tirelessly to transfer his experiences across the company and drives business along the innovative path chosen decades ago.

Years of experience and innovation, combined with extensive references from multiple industries, illustrate our abilities as a committed, problem-solving and rapidly developing manufacturer. Utilizing the very latest technologies, we maximize efficiency throughout the entire design and manufacturing process of Expansion Bellows. We strive to deliver excellence. We dare to take on challenging tasks and develop client-centered solutions to match customer requirements. It’s our firm belief that commitment to customers and staying true to our values results in long lasting and mutually valuable business partnerships.

Belman expansion joints
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“Belman brand has been trusted worldwide for consistency in product quality”

Our products represent the passion, dedication and experience that we brought to many industries. You will find Belman expansion bellows installed in every corner of the world.

It is “trust” that we ensure for our clients through Belman product solutions. We are known for product quality, on-time delivery, and thereby guaranteeing a cost-effective masterpiece of expansion joint at every order fulfillment to our clients.

“closer to the customer”

Belman Flexibles, India is the newly joined wholly-owned subsidiary of Belman Group that is the closet touch point for our customers in ASIA.

Belman Flexibles India 
should be your supplier ?

Belman Flexibles India is a part of Belman Group that brings the excellence of passion for expansion joints,

  • Excellent customer service that quick responding to customer inquiries 
  • Dedication to the delivery deadline that committed for on-time delivery
  • Ensure cost-effective expansion joint solutions

Our skillful Belman Flexibles India team knows Asia’s expansion joint project requirements by hands-on experience. They have many years of experience in dealing with expansion joint projects in India and other markets. Besides, Belman Flexibles has been strengthened with the Danish technology and know-how from Belman Group, which is based in Denmark. It is a strong partnership that combines the knowledge and skills from the East & West parts of the world.

Belman Expansion Joints?

Belman has been in the expansion joint industry since 1994. We have worked with clients from different industries such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Steel, Cement, Engineering & EPCs, and many more. Most of our product solutions are customized according to the project & plant requirements which heavily depend on our craftsmanship, engineering excellence, and our commitment towards achieving cost efficiency and delivery deadlines. Ultimately, it is our brand promise that we deliver as Belman expansion joints to our loyal clients who trust us worldwide.

Belman Expansion Joints have been installed in more than 70 countries worldwide (References) in different locations to solve different plant & project requirements successfully. It is that experience, know-how, and passion you will receive with any expansion joint coming under the Belman brand promise.

We deliver trust around the world
“a matter of trust”
“Ambitious to make a difference”

We have committed ambitiously to make our presence unique as a global supplier to many industry-leading clients throughout the world since 1994. As a reputed global supplier, we deliver “Trust” through our Expansion Joint solutions at every market that we operate. It is our true ambition to make a difference and add value to our clients through innovation while ensuring corporate responsibility & sustainability.


We care about nature as much as Expansion joints. Sustainability is a fundamental focus in our everyday life at Belman. As a global business, we are contributing continuously to make sure our commitment towards environment, planet and people while helping our customers to achieve their sustainable goals.


It is “innovation” that makes our solutions effective and efficient. We prioritize continuous investment in innovation, research & development that add value to our clients in many different industries. This is the main reason that our product solutions achieve the exact customer requirement while ensuring cost-efficiency.




It is “TRUST” that we deliver worldwide through our product solutions since 1994. We are committed to our brand promise that ensures “Trust” through every Expansion Joint that we deliver to our customers. Many industry-leading clients from different industries such as energy, engineering/EPC, oil & gas, cement, steel, chemical, pulp & paper, military & defense kept their trust in our passion, experience and know-how towards Expansion Joints. We keep committing to ensuring that “TRUST” in everything we do.

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