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Belman Expansion Joints are known as quality products worldwide and that quality is always connected with Belman caring for the environment and nature.

We as Belman Flexibles India always follows the sustainability policy at our headquarter in Denmark. Belman Group prioritises nature as much as expansion joints as a responsible company that operates internationally. Our passion for expansion joints makes us produce Belman Expansion Joints with care for the environment, society and the economy. That care consists of good working conditions for our employees, decency & ethical business culture, care for the environment by waste management, usage of recyclable raw-material for manufacturing & packaging and many more initiatives despite the market that we are operating. We are also helping our clients to be more sustainable and achieve their sustainable goals.

As the new Belman Group member, Belman Flexibles India strives from the establishment to forefront the Belman Group Policy for sustainability and make our footprint in Corporate Social Responsibility in India. We are in the starting stage of our establishment in the Indian market; therefore, we’ll soon present more information and insights into our Environments and CSR initiatives.

Belman Flexibles India

Thrive for achieving Sustainability



We at Belman often focus on keeping our manufacturing process environment friendly by adhering to waste management, non-polluting manufacturing and re-using and recycling materials.



We prioritize Employee welfare and well-being at any market that we operate. Moreover, we concern and respect the interests of the local community that we are surrounded by.



We at Belman respect and prioritize compliance and ethical business culture during our business activities and ensure our code of conduct is the essential backbone for our economic performance. That also upholds and reflects through our most valuable asset, our brand name “Belman”.

Sustainability For Everyone
“We Care”
is for all of us!
For Our People, Society, Economy and the Environment
brand promise that deliver trust
“a matter of trust for nature”
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Would you like to know more about Belman Sustainability insights. Your are welcome to leave us a message. 

“It’s easy to contact us” not only for expansion joints but also about our sustainability approach.



Get in touch with us to know more about Belman Go Green approach, to get an overview of our plan to be more Green with more Green actions. We can provide following records on request,

  • Data for carbon foot print report
  • Climate action plan

We are a business with a heart. Learn more about Belman Group charity and donation for non-profit organizations and other welfare activities.