Fabric Expansion Joint customised for use in Flue Gas Systems (FG)


Applicable for Flue Gas Systems, Oil & Gas, Power Plant, Pulp & Paper, Cement, Steel plants, Process industry, Boilers & Stacks and many more

Fabric Expansion Joint type Belman-FG is a customised design that deliver as either closed or as open belt for joining on-site with bellows designed to solve the movement absorption in the application as well as meet requirements made by the gap in the pipeline.

The Belman-FG is a Fabric Expansion Joint type with a multi-layer design that safely absorbs movements caused by thermal expansions in pipelines and duct systems and can be optionally designed to accommodate misalignments on request.

belman-FG offering to india

Product Range

Belman-FG offering to India

Technical Description

Temperature range

Up to +750°C

minimum temperature:-35°C

For temperatures above 550°C an insulation bolster is required for standard constructions (With refractory constructions even higher temperatures than 750°C can be achieved).

pressure range

Up to +/- 20,000 Pa (+/- 2000mmWg)



Flue gas (dry)

connection ends & hardware
Belman-FG deliver as a customized design (either closed or as open belt for joining on-site) with bellows designed to solve the movement absorption in the application as well as meet requirements made by the gap in the pipeline.

Belman-FG is as standard supplied as a stand-alone Fabric Expansion Joint (with parallel or vertical fixing flange arrangement) that may be supplied with customized connection ends and including hardware,
but not limited to: :

  • Complete units (flanged or with welding ends)
  • With loose flanges
  • With clamping bands
  • Special transport fixtures
  • Flow liners / inner sleeves
  • Pre-setting construction
Belman-FG Offering to India

Design Features

  • Chemical resistance
  • Reduced heat loss by low surface temperature
  • Minimum reaction forces
  • Excellent movement absorption and flexibility
  • Noise reduction
  • Higher flow velocity
  • Can accommodate misalignments and a large amount of lateral offset (special design may be required and needs to be specified at inquiry stage)
  • Multi-layer Fabric Expansion Joint
  • For dry operation (aggressive and non-aggressive)
  • Customized to application and project
  • Absorbing multiplane movements simultaneously
  • Absorb movements in multiple directions simultaneously (several planes) simultaneously. Due to the multilayer construction this type is able to absorb large movements within short built-in lengths.
Belman-FG for Flue Gas systems offering to India

Applicable to many industries

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data sheet : Belman-FG

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