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Belman on-site service experts are ready to provide all the necessary emergency support service for your site needs including repair, installation, inspection and engineering services for expansion joints including clamshell bellows.

A pipe system must run smoothly without the risk of unexpected, problematic and costly shutdowns. To achieve a trouble-free and reliable operation; all the components of a pipe system including expansion joints must be well monitored. To obtain the maximum benefit from an expansion joint, it is not only enough to consider the design and construction features, but also its function as part of the overall pipe system. Further, key issues that critically affect the performance of expansion joints are the location in the system, correct installation and planned inspections during its service life.

As an Expansion Joint manufacturer, we have years of experiences and competencies from designing customized expansion Joint solutions to different industries around the world. It makes us an extended core competency to expand our experience towards following services,

  • Installation of expansion joints
  • Installation of Clamshell Bellows
  • Repair/refurbishment
  • Inspection
  • Engineering service

These services are performing by our certified on-site service and engineering team. Our team is well experienced in all industries and available to respond to urgent requests.

→ We also service expansion joints that are not of our original manufacture.

On-site services
Installation & Repair

  • Welding of Clamshell Bellows
  • Welding of Expansion Joints supplied in segments
  • Removal, installation and welding of a new Expansion Joint (into a gap in the pipe system)
  • Repair/refurbishment of Expansion Joints


  • Measuring Expansion Joints
  • Supervision of Expansion Joints
  • Assisting/supervision of customers own maintenance/installation team
  • Inspection of existing Expansion Joints including providing status report and recommendations

Belman on-site services ensure savings and effective solutions

Repair of existing expansion joint

Repair of the existing expansion joint is often more effective than buying a completely new unit. Replacement of wearing parts such as the bellows in an expansion joint can be the most efficient solution that ensures both cost savings and an extended service life. For example, repairs to the bellows of an existing unit can deliver almost the same service life as a completely new expansion joint. Belman undertakes repair and refurbishment work both on-site and in our workshop. Our engineering experts are always ready to advise on the most efficient solution.


on-site service team

Belman has an on-site service team of several assigned welders. In case the project demands more resources, we have additional skilled welders in our workshop that are qualified to join the on-site service team.

The on-site service team members have extensive experience in working on-site worldwide and in various industries. They are certified for welding according to ASME IX, EN 287 and EN 1418. Furthermore, they are certified to operate overhead travelling cranes and forklift trucks. The welder certificates can be forwarded upon request as part of the welding documentation.
The on-site service team members attend courses in first aid, and due to previous project demands, they have attended several additional safety courses, helping them to comply easily with any safety requirements mandated by clients.
Site Approval
Our on-site service team has completed lot of mandatory coursers and own the certificates and necessary approvals. They are also ready to take other relevant coursers according to customer requirements.
Flame Resistant Clothing
All clothing worn by the on-site service team makes use of flame retardant/antistatic materials especially designed for the purpose and according to the relevant standards: EN 1149-5, EN 11611, EN 11612 and EN 61482-1.
All standard equipment needed for an installation/replacement job is packed and available for immediate use in our on-site service container. This ensures that the on-site service team can be available and ready to work on-site within short notice.
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Download our brochure for on-site services as a PDF file. it contains everything about Belman on-site installation services, expansion joint repair and many more.

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